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Marlis Ladurée - Artist

Mandalas and Visionary Art

Marlis from Berlin to Paris

I am very pleased to announce my next EXHIBITION at


 « Salon International du Portrait, 8 ème édition »,

organized by ARTEC -
International Exhibition of Contemporary ART.



LE MANS, France

January 4 to March 4, 2019.



Born in West Berlin, Marlis Ladurée arrived in France in 1978, where she was to become one of the first artists to paint contemporary Mandalas.

Of her first experience with the "magical circle - the esoteric diagrammes",

she says :


"25 years ago, although I had been a student in design and fashion illustrations, I was already keen on Asia. My soul probably comes from there..."




Inspiration struck in 1989, during a lecture she was attending as part of her course with Shri Mahesh French Federation of Hatha Yoga.


Looking back, we can see that her early works followed a logical sequence, still inspired by temples - temples dedicated to the body first,

then those of Indian mythology and eventually cosmic temples.




Visionary Art

and now



ArtMeditate is the first ArtConcept made to aid your meditation.

It has been created under the direction of Marlis Ladurée, the specialist of Contemporary Mandalas.


Whether you are interested in meditation or practising it, there is a Mandala

to guide you in your meditation and to light up your home or workspace with wellness.

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Mandalas Gallery


Its origins can be found in Jainism, Tantrism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Lamaism.

The word "Mandala" comes from Sanscrit, the sacred language of the Indian Brahmans, "Mandala" means "Circle" or more precisely, "Sacred Circle" or "Magic".

In Tibetan it is Kyl-Khor - Kyl means "Centre" and Khor means "Circle".


The Mandala represents the ideal world.

It is a geometric form with a centre -the concentration ;

and a periphery - the organisation.


A Mandala is defined according to three principles of organisation :

the central point, a radiation from this point and the circular outer border.





mandala cchakra yantra mandala cosmos


Each traditional Mandala, of oriental origin has a Mantra - sacred Hindu or Buddhist formula as its content.


The Mantra is the soul of the Mandala.


The central point symbolises the mysterious energy centre,

the birth place of all existence in space and time.




It also symbolises unity, totality and perfection. It is without dimension or place : the circle and the sphere are born of it.


These are manifested forms from a central point. The central point appears as the beginning and end of all possible paths.


The law of the centre is one of silence and the law of the world, that of the periphery, is one of movement.





mandalas planet mandalas flowers


In drawing a Mandala, we create our own sacred space the Mandala has been used since the beginning of time as a suport for Meditation.


Meditation on a Mandala gives silence, peace and harmony and brings inner stability. It allows us to look into our own world ;

it guides us to the source of light within us.


Meditation is the path to self knowledge - it guides us to our true identity - our divine self - that self which shines in the depths of our souls.


Painting, for me, is the moment when I liberate impressions within me, when I receive and transmit messages and images from the subtle world.

What I produce is always guided by energies and influences

which I analyse afterwards - never during.

by Marlis


music: Craig Pruess


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Marlis Ladurée

Paris - France

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