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“Painting is for me an opportunity to focus and liberate my mind. 

When I paint I enter in a meditation state. 

I let myself be guided by the sacred symbols and divinity of Hindhuism and Buddhism, 

and begin to draw holy circles” 

— Marlis Ladurée 

Meditation with a Mandala :

The secret of a mandala lies in its circular structure organized around a central point. It gives an image of order and a sense of wonder that can guide you to contemplation.

Meditation is the new big thing in mainstream wellness. But it is not just a new lifestyle or a buzz word. 

When we look at a Mandala and meditate on it, we automatically concentrate and are led to our inner being by creating our own sacred space, a place of protection. We concentrate our energies here. The Mandala support us in finding silence, tranquility, harmony and peace. 

The Mandala through its center and concentric movement can unite us in ourselves.
It harmonizes us and creates balance with its beautiful geometric and figurative forms, which often repeat themselves 

like a mantra. 

Here is an easy way to meditate with your mandala,
to reconnect with your inner being.

1. Your installation:

Choose a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed. 

By doing this your repetitive meditation will reveal 

subtle energies to allow you to focus more quickly over time. 

Then place your mandala at eye level in front of you and sit comfortably.

Keep your back straight so that the energies can circulate well in your body. 

The position of the Lotus, or half-lotus, is most commonly used.

2. Then breath:

Concentrate on your deep, abdominal breathing, your inspiration and your exhalation. 

Breathe slowly, and rhythmically; 

count to four.

Then calmly exhale and count to five, gently ,regularly and as naturally as possible.

3. Look at your mandala :

Look at the mandala slowly from the outside in, clockwise and like a spiral.
Take your time. 

Follow the path from the outside inwards with your eyes. 

Observe the different forms, the variety of their expression, their organization, the colors.

Once in the center of the mandala, fix your eyes on the central point for at least three minutes. 

Now close your eyes and follow your soul. 

Continue breathing rhythmically.

4. Meditation can begin here: 

Try to retain the image of the center of the mandala inside your mind. 

If your mind is running, do not hold back, 

let your thoughts pass you like the clouds fly into the blue sky. 

Ignore your thoughts, to ensure you keep focusing on the breathing 

and the center of the mandala that you have memorized.

Marlis Ladurée

Paris - France

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