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Marlis Ladurée, Painter Artist.

Marlis Ladurée et ses Mandalas Contemporains

The Artistic Journey of Marlis, from yesterday to today.

Born in West Berlin, Marlis Ladurée arrived in France in 1978, where she would become one of the first artists to paint contemporary Mandalas. From her beginnings to her international recognition, Marlis has evolved and reinvented herself throughout her artistic journey. This voyage, marked by phases of transition and maturity, reflects a constant quest for new forms of expression.

At the peak of her career, Marlis produced some of her most emblematic works, such as her contemporary Mandalas. This period of maturity is characterized by numerous national and international exhibitions, consolidating her reputation in the art world. Marlis's journey is a testament to the richness and diversity of her artistic voyage. Looking towards the future, it is evident that Marlis will continue to evolve, create, and surprise us.

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Contemporary Mandalas.

Mandalas, derived from the Sanskrit word meaning "circle" or "center," are geometric patterns symbolizing the universe and inner harmony. Used for millennia in various spiritual and religious traditions, particularly Buddhism and Hinduism, mandalas serve as aids for meditation and contemplation. They represent a sacred space, an organized structure where each shape, color, and symbol holds particular significance, contributing to a harmonious whole.

In contemporary art, mandalas have transcended their spiritual origins to become diverse artistic expressions. Contemporary artists, such as Marlis Ladurée, reinterpret these traditional motifs to explore personal and universal themes, creating works that invite reflection and wonder. Whether through their symmetrical forms or vibrant color palettes, mandalas continue to inspire and captivate, embodying timeless balance and beauty.

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The Mandala Gallery.

Discover the entire Artistic Universe of Marlis Ladurée

The artistic journey of Marlis Ladurée is a testament to her ability to reinvent herself and push the boundaries of her work. Through her art, Marlis Ladurée has created a rich and diverse body of work, reflecting her incessant quest for new forms of expression and her commitment to pushing the limits of her creativity.

Les Lotus par Marlis Ladurée

New Original Works : Innovations and Explorations

Triptyque, 200 x 100 cm, huile et glacis sur toile,  modelling paste  et feuilles d’argent et or de Marlis Ladurée

Triptych, 200 x 100 cm, glaze, oil on canvas,
modelling paste , gold and silver leaves.

GIVERNY 100 cm x 100 cm, huile et glacis sur toile,  modelling paste  et feuilles d’argent et or.


100 cm x 100 cm, glaze, oil on canvas,

modelling paste , gold leaves.

Videos by Marlis Ladurée

When creating a mandala, we make our own sacred space. The mandala has been used since the beginning of time as a support for meditation. Meditating on a mandala brings silence, peace, and harmony, and fosters inner stability. It allows us to look into our own world and guides us to the source of light within us. Painting, for me, is the moment when I release impressions within me, when I receive and transmit messages and images from the subtle world. Music: Craig Prues

"RETURN to Earth", triptych, 200 x 100 cm, oil & glaze on canvas, modeling paste, gold and silver leaf.

The Pleiadians: They are defined as a "collective of multidimensional spiritual beings from the Pleiades star system." The group's mission is to assist humanity in the process of spiritual transformation. They are motivated to connect with humanity out of concern for the future of Earth. Music Jess Gallagher

You enter her studio as if stepping into a celestial world. 

In contemporary art, the mandalas of Marlis Ladurée have transcended their spiritual origins to become diverse artistic expressions.
Music: Deva Primal

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Marlis Ladurée

Paris - France

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